The first time I identified myself as a feminist was a liberating moment for me and I felt the power of self-liberation. I can say I loved myself more than before. Personally, it’s been a roller coaster of emotions but I still managed to be on top of myself and becoming a feminist really helped with that. I’m not going to go into the definition of feminism and all that because this is my personal story that I feel that I can share.

It’s important to know that the purpose of this post is liberation. How liberation feels like. Defining liberation in this context means the ability to own oneself. Someone described me recently in these words,

     “I like the way you bring yourself out and up and wave it off. You stand for yourself, it is cool”

And I owe that description to feminism. Feminism, to me, isn’t just advocating for women’s liberation, it’s liberating myself. It’s giving myself the power to own myself and stand up for myself. It’s owning up to the fact that I find cooking a very boring task, which is difficult to do because our society keeps putting women in places of servitude. I have had unrequited feelings that required liberation to get rid of. I’ve been called “extreme” and “taking it too hard”. The truth is I have to take it extremely. I have to take it too hard. It is about liberation, both mine and every woman. Liberation doesn’t come at a snap of the finger. Liberation comes when you take it “extreme”. In my case, when I’m the bitch that causes conversations.

This is also a letter to all women who wants liberation. You will be called “extremist”, you will be called all sorts of names because people will react when you change, especially when the change does not benefit them. Know what liberation means to you. Attain, what I love to call freedom. It frees you from societal expectations, it gives you voice. You feel empowered and great and that is the power of self-liberation. Mine was through feminism and yours necessarily doesn’t have to be through feminism, but whatever way you want to go about it, make sure it allows your freedom.

Thank you for reading. Don’t forget to make use of the comment section in case you have anything to add. Stay safe and don’t forget to wash your hands. I love you and you matter.

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