Well, the perfect way to be you stylishly is simply by being you, yes, you. Were you expecting a long story on how blah happened to blah? No. The perfect way to be stylishly is simply by being you. Knowing yourself and what suits you, and that ranges from anything to everything. Style is a particular way in which something is done, created, or performed. So, pick your style. For me, my style is simply whatever I’m comfortable in. From clothes to the decor, to design. Of course, I did not wake up one morning and become comfortable, it took me some steps (which I am going to share with you) to fully become comfortable with my style, and being comfortable with your style means not always caring about people’s opinion about your body or your choice of style. I will share the steps with you now.


This step was very important during my process of finding out what is comfortable for me and it is still very important. Body shaming is very common and therefore the possibility of being body-shamed is very high. The important thing though is to love yourself enough to overlook everybody shaming you encounter. What matters is what you think about yourself. Loving our bodies is important. My self-love journey can be found here.


We all have different body shapes and what fits me definitely won’t fit you. So, it’s important to know your body. When you know this, it will be easier to pick clothing that suits you well. Knowing your body isn’t very simple but it’s easy to know. You can do this by taking measurements of yourself, knowing the rate at which you get fat or slim, knowing the colors that fit us best, knowing the days when the body changes, for example, when menstruating the breasts get bigger which changes the body.


Creating your style simply means making your style. Choose the designs you know looks amazing on you. Choose the colors that compliment your body. Create styles for yourself that suits you. Clean your closet of any clothing that does not flatter you. Choose only what flatters you. If you are not comfortable with it, toss it. Creating your style is basically about knowing your body and loving your body enough to create a style for yourself that you can be comfortable in.


We need confidence in all of our endeavors in life meaning styling is not an exception. We can do all the above perfectly, but not without confidence. It’s through the confidence that we can finally get to be ourselves. Confidence is needed. To wear that new shoe that makes your leg look long and lithe, confidence is needed. To wear that floral gown that brings out your curves, it’s about confidence. When we are confident with ourselves and in what we choose to wear, we do ourselves a great favor.

Making my case about style is simply about my opinion on what style is and the perfect way to be our individual selves stylishly. So, above are steps that I took and they worked for me and I’m hoping they work for you too because one of the best ways we can be is by being comfortable with ourselves.




Photo credit: Temidire Adelakun