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Welcome to purpleiddy, thank you for stopping by. Purpleiddy is a blog that is basically about letting everyone know that WE ALL MATTER. Regardless of who we are and where we belong. Through the posts, I aim to touch the spheres of our uniqueness. I know the importance of realizing our unique selves and living with our truer selves. This blog is home to the beautiful feelings created from the urge to create a story that people need to hear and relate with. The topics include Relationships, Health & Wellbeing, Lifestyle, Feminism.

The idea behind the blog name is purple. Purple color is a beautiful color that signifies wealth, luxury, power, ambition, dignity, individuality, and independence. Iddy represents me. Readers can make theirs purple (name) because they also represent wealth, dignity, luxury, and power. We all do. My mission is to create a space that will answer to the needs of every individual that seeks purpleiddy as a place to relate with themselves. My vision is for the people in this space to realize that purpleiddy is truly a safe place for them to realize their unique selves and where their needs can be served.

I write for people who seek to own themselves or/and for people who own themselves. Writing for myself. I, also, write for individuals who do not (always) want to conform to societal expectations.

  About Me

    I’m Idayat Jinadu and the founder of purpleiddy. A student of Peace and conflict resolution at federal university Oye-Ekiti, Ekiti-State. My favorite activities are conversing, writing, reading. They also include arguing about my interests such as feminism, movies, books, music. I wrote and published an article on domestic violence titled ‘DOMESTIC VIOLENCE IN NIGERIA AND THE SILENCE THAT SURROUNDS IT’. You can find it on www.thegirlslikeme.com.

     I’m not a professional and you might have visited about a few (hundreds?) blogs that are perfect, mine isn’t, not for now. But I promise to make purpleiddy the best that I can make it be. Thank you for deciding to visit purpleiddy. I love you and you matter.

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