We All Matter

Welcome to purpleiddy, thank you for stopping by. Purpleiddy is a blog that is basically about letting everyone know that WE ALL MATTER regardless of who we are and where we belong to.

This blog preaches positivity. Through the posts, I aim to touch the spheres of our uniqueness because I know the importance of realizing our unique selves and living with our truer selves.

On Style: The Perfect Ways To Be You, Stylishly

The perfect way to be you stylishly is simply by being you

Were you expecting a long story on how blah happened to blah? No. The perfect way to be stylishly is simply by being you. Knowing yourself and what suits you, and that ranges from anything to everything.


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How I Learned To Love Myself

One of the best things we can do for ourselves is to love ourselves. It took me a while to figure that out. Due to the fact that I love myself, I enjoy brightening people's day by being the rainbow in their clouds.

How I Learned To Love Myself

“I’m never going to amount to anything in this world”

This thought crossed my mind often. The thoughts I had about myself mainly used to be this because I lived in a box of people’s expectations and because of that I couldn’t do much without their approvals. I used to be a pushover, a people-pleaser with no self-respect and self-esteem.